Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tyrker's Tale Review

Title: Tyrker's Tale
Author: Robin Ingle
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 19

The Blurb: Tyrker, a slave belonging to the Viking chieftain Eirik the Red, has been given the task of educating Eirik's young sons, Leif and Tosti, in the arts of weaponry. Forbidden to marry, he longs to have his own family. Instead, he must learn to live with serving another man – until one day something unexpected happens.

First in Robin Ingle's World's Edge Series of short stories, Tyrker's Tale takes place in tenth-century Iceland, in the years prior to Eirik the Red's settlement in Greenland.

My Review: I found this tale to be quite interesting from a historical point of view. I enjoyed learning of Tyrker and where he had come from and how he had ended up in Iceland. Tyrker's Tale may be a short story but it was not lacking in any other way.  It measured up very well for me as far has historical fiction goes and I would recommend this book to anyone.

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