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Bear For Christmas Blitz and Giveaway

Amazon (also available on Kindle Unlimited): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZQAVC3
Bear for Christmas: A Kodiak Den Novel
Shy and introverted Ivy Quinn has psychic abilities she’s only beginning to understand. Sheltered by her father most of her life, she never questioned his use of her skills to further his business interests. But when she finally realizes exactly how he wants to exploit her abilities, she has no choice but to run.

Out from under her father’s thumb, Ivy’s self-confidence grows along with her psychic gifts. She uses them to stay one step ahead of everyone her father sends to hunt her—everyone except the sexy bear shifter who is relentless in his pursuit. But now that she knows the truth about her father’s plans, the last thing she wants to do is go home for the holidays. No matter how hot the werebear tracking her might be, she’s determined to evade him. Even if the rugged shifter is making her wish for something she can never have.

Bounty hunter Cole Jackson is a legendary predator, even among werebears. His talents make him the perfect choice to head up the bond enforcement division of Ursus Security Solutions. But when Ivy’s file lands on his desk, he takes one look at her and thinks Christmas just came early. She might just be the fugitive he wants to capture and keep for himself. Can Cole keep Ivy safe and help all her Christmas wishes come true?
Amy Lamont writes steamy contemporary and paranormal romance filled with quirky heroines, alpha heroes, and always a happily ever after. Whether she’s writing about world-weary billionaires or rugged bear shifters, she loves nothing more than delivering stories with just as much heart as heat.

Amy lives in a small town outside of New Yorks City with her husband, twin daughters and their two rescue mutts, Maggie and Toby. When she’s not writing or hiding somewhere with her nose stuck in her eReader, she loves spending time with her family, taking in shows in the city, and traveling every chance she gets.
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Lovely Money Blitz and Giveaway

The quaint little town of Lovely seems to have settled back into a comfortable peace, after last summer’s horrible murders. But nothing is ever as peaceful as it seems. As the Kentucky spring heats up, so does life for Matlock ‘Lock’ Becker. He’s flunked out of college, gambled away his inheritance, and owes money to a very dangerous man. Left with only one choice, Lock presses his luck and finds himself under the gun in Lovely’s underground world of high-stakes and dirty money.
Brandy Becker’s life just got better and easier, at least that’s what she thought. With two weeks’ vacation before her new job starts, she should be relaxing. Instead, her world gets turned upside down by maid of honor duties in her best friend’s wedding, her brother’s gambling troubles, and an old flame, not to mention the dead body and bag full of money in her trunk. It’s going to be one hell of a two-week ride.
Mason Clark isn’t one to come home often. He left Lovely behind when he became a Navy SEAL and preferred to keep it that way. Being disconnected makes putting his life on the line easier. But his best friend Richie’s wedding brings him back to Lovely and face-to-face with people and the past he doesn’t want to get attached to again. Amid the pre-wedding celebrations, his vow to protect and serve is called into action when he can’t resist helping the one woman he can’t forget, no matter how dangerous the situation or how guilty she and her brother appear.
Lock, Brandy, and Mason are swept up in an underworld full of danger they didn’t know existed in Lovely. Or did they? Welcome to Lovely’s dirty little secret world of money, where misfortune turns to robbery and murder. Will they come out alive? Who’s the thief? Who’s the murderer?
Money can be deadly in Lovely, especially when it's dirty.


About the Author

Candace Clark was born in Ashland, Kentucky, the youngest of three children. After growing up in a small Eastern Kentucky town, her family moved to Central Kentucky where she finished high school and attended her first two years of college at Transylvania University. Transferring to Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia set Candace on a path that would change her life. Over the course of ten years she graduated, moved to New York City, attended Parsons School of Design and found her creative voice.
After years of studying design and photography, she finally took to the page unleashing the ramblings of stories, characters and scenes trapped in her mind. Finding inspiration reading romance, mystery and suspense novels, she draws her creative vision from many sources. When not typing away at her computer, she can be found cooking up some recipe she has undoubtedly altered to suit her family’s food sensitivities, crafting with her daughter, or enjoying a peaceful evening with her partner on their secluded farm in Central Kentucky.
While writing is her passion, her family always comes first. An avid reader and hell of an editor, her daughter is a great help with every story. As in most great love stories, her partner, Billy is more than just a supporter, he is a contributor of ideas, plot lines, characters, and a dialogue whisper, without whom the worlds in her novels would not be the same.
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Monday, December 12, 2016

Abandoned book blitz

When heartbreak happens over the holidays … My name is Tierra Owens, and I like to kiss. A lot. It numbs the hollow ache in my chest and—for a few minutes—makes me forget how truly alone I am. My mother is an alcoholic. She hates me and insists I'm the reason she's not married to my father, whom I have never met. My best friend, Kaylee, is the only person who knows the real me. Everyone else sees what I want them to: a happy, confident, popular girl who has the world at her feet. I am a fraud. Relationships are forbidden. I avoid them at all costs. Sex? Emotions? Those things make a person vulnerable, and vulnerability always leads to heartbreak. When my childhood crush, Mattie shows up at school my world tumbles off its axis. The shell I surround myself with feels more like a pathetic crutch than a protective barrier, and I find myself wanting things. Daydreaming about what it would be like to have a boyfriend, a relationship—love. The sad fact is: I'll never have any of those things. I am unworthy—trash. Which is why my mom abandoned me. *Recommended for readers ages 15+   Snippet #1: Kissing: You're either good at it, or you suck. Zachary Harris sucked at kissing. Actually, it wasn't so much that he sucked. It was more like he slobbered. All over my chin. My neck. My ears. My skin felt like flypaper—sticky and gross. Then, of course, there was the issue of the very prominent bulge grinding furiously against my hip. With a groan, Dirk Diggler in disguise muttered a low "fuck" and licked a gooey trail across my collarbone. "God, you smell good. I want to lick you all over and make you scream." I gagged. Captain Slobber was, indeed, on a fast track to making me scream, but not in the way he intended. I didn't care how popular he was—if I had to endure another second of his gross, reptilian tongue slithering over my flesh I'd vomit. All over him. It was a damn good thing kissing can be taught. This guy needed a crash course, stat. Calloused fingers trailed a back-and-forth pattern between the hem of my top and the waistband of my jeans. My skin tingled from the soft caress and I dug my fingers into his hair, desperate to feel close, needing the contact, and ashamed of myself for getting it this way. When his fingers began fiddling with the button on my jeans, I shut him down. "That right there is a no-parking zone, baby." I slid my hand from his arm to his shoulder and shoved. "You need to slow down." A pair of dark eyebrows slashed over a set of brilliant blue eyes, the skin between them creasing in confusion. "Slow down? But we were just getting started." He sat back on his hip, his gaze falling to my bed, then to my half-unbuttoned shirt. The right side of his mouth curled up into a wolfish grin. "I thought this was what you wanted. I mean … you did bring me into your bedroom. I thought you were hot for some action." Heat prickled across my skin like wildfire. I was hot, all right. Just not for him. The sooner he realized that, the better. No guy got past second base with me. Ever. The stupid craving I had to feel close to another person was just that: stupid. Sex, emotions … They make you vulnerable. And vulnerable got you hurt. Snippet #2: The overhead light from the garage door opener clicked off, leaving us in the dark. Static filled the small space between us, the electricity in the air snapping at my skin and ratcheting up my pulse. The oxygen became thin, almost impossible to draw into my lungs, forcing my chest to visibly move with each breath I took. Needy. I felt impossibly needy. The ache to connect with someone, if only for a few moments, rushed through my veins like a stampede of angry bulls. Want me. Like me. Need me. Love me. Overwhelming shame burned beneath my skin, the contempt I felt for myself barely outweighed by the frenzied craze Mattie's nearness had on my body. This boy … he did things to me. Made me crave things I knew I couldn't have. Made me forget myself. Somehow, my mask had fallen. Was dangling from my ear, perilously close to snapping completely off. I felt jumpy, amped—ready to explode. And I was positive he sensed my undoing. Though I could barely make out the outline of his face, I knew he was smiling when he leaned over the console. His hand came to rest on my shoulder, the heat from his fingers scorching through my cardigan and shirt as if I were naked as they trailed down the length of my arm. My wrist … I was sure it would spontaneously combust the moment his calloused fingers circled its width. I heard his smile grow, felt his warm breath brush across my cheek in a minty-fresh wave. Nearly melted into the seat when his thumb brushed across the center of my palm before closing my fingers over my keys. His voice was low and caressed my skin like a feather-light kiss. "I'm not stalkerish, Tierra. I just miss my old friend. And am happy as hell my new house is only two blocks away."   ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Author Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElisaDane/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElisaDane Website: http://www.elisadane.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorelisadane/?hl=en
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Friday, December 9, 2016

The Amnesia Paradox Release Day Blitz

amnesia-paradox-cover   She can’t remember. He will never forget. Rose Slater wakes up in a third world country with no idea how she got there. Then an enigmatic stranger shows up exactly when she needs him most. The spooky telepathic bond they share backs up his claim they were childhood sweethearts. But there’s nothing sweet about the way Jackson watches her, with a bitter mix of yearning and distrust. When he kills two men with shocking ease, Rose learns just how dangerous he is. Jackson Lee used to love this sexy, stubborn woman. Ten years later, she looks right through him. But when violent insurgents accuse her of spying, he’s her only hope. Now they’re 8000 miles from home and the last flight out has just taken off without them. amnesia-paradox-graphic amnesia-paradox-graphic-2   BIO: amnesia-paradox-noellegreene Noelle Greene lives in Northern California with her husband. She grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, earned a degree in advertising at San Jose State University and has lived up and down the West Coast, including the Pacific Northwest and Southern California. Her background includes work in Silicon Valley marketing communications, running an elementary school library and raising two sons. She enjoys putting her own twist on popular romantic themes to create an emotionally satisfying read. Metaphysical, magical and mysterious topics always intrigue and inspire.   Website/SOCIAL MEDIA links: https://noellegreene.com https://www.facebook.com/NoelleGreeneauthor https://twitter.com/Noe11eGreene https://www.pinterest.com/noellegreene357
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Matchsticks and Candy Canes and

$0.99 AMAZON BUY LINK : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N7BD4I5
Love can thaw the fiercest winter. In a society where elves are no longer creatures of myth and magic, Brynne Mirren is just trying to survive the holidays as one of Santa’s Rejects. Loyal to her duty as the eldest child, she stands outside in the freezing cold and sell matchbooks—not that anyone would buy anything from an elf. Each fruitless day is the same without exception until her path crosses with Carter Holly. Persistent though he is, she can’t help but wonder if he has an ulterior motive. After all, very few humans look kindly on elves these days. Days before Christmas, Brynne’s life takes a drastic turn and she is forced to trust the gentle stranger in the darkest time of her life. Carter Holly continues to surprise her, stirring up new feelings within her with every act of kindness. Though the threat of freezing along with her matchbooks is very real, Brynne can't forget that falling in love with a human is even more dangerous. Matchsticks and Candy Canes is the first book co-written by C.E. Wilson and Mary Dublin.   EXCERPT: Carter still couldn’t understand how this young woman was supposed to be a witch. If anything, she was more like an angel. His eyes drifted over to the thick cap tightly secured around her ears, supposing that pointed ears were hidden under the wool. “Thanks,” he said, keeping his voice soft. He slowly reached out for the matchbox, but the girl still pulled away as his fingers drew close, practically dropping the matchbox into his palm. There was no punishment. There was no magic. She’s not a witch.   EXCERPT: “Here,” he said, jogging across the street and reaching for her hand. She squeaked as he dropped the two quarters into her palm. “Here’s half of what I owe,” he whispered before holding up a finger to his lips. “This is for you.” “I shouldn’t—” “Just for you,” he emphasized. He smiled only briefly before he jogged back across the street, acting as though nothing had happened. As though he hadn’t taken a huge leap of faith by touching her. Luckily, no one saw. He stole a curious glance at the girl across the street, wondering if he had crossed a line, and was glad to see her with a look of wonder on her face. She looked across the street and for a brief moment met his eyes. “Thank you,” she breathed with a soft voice that pooled like mist in the winter air. He smiled back at her. Perhaps this winter would bring something more than more snow and sweets.   AUTHOR BIOS: C.E. Wilson is currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, beautiful daughter, fat beagle and two cats. She loves Supernatural, leggings and shoujo manga. When it rains she feels at peace and loves a sweet cup of coffee with way too much sugar and cream. She loves the fall because of football and all things pumpkin. Her favorite subject to write about is size difference, but she enjoys to try her hand at all things fantastical. Mary Dublin has been writing fantasy stories since childhood. Growing up where the sun is always stronger than the coffee, she maintained a fascination with worlds that can never exist. More than ever, Mary finds joy in putting these worlds to the page through words and paintings. She enjoys pilates, rainy afternoons, and bakes a mean batch of double-fudge brownies. Matchsticks and Candycanes is her first published work. Author social media links: For the latest news and updates from C.E. Wilson:   www.cewilsonauthor.com   For the latest news and updates from Mary Dublin:   Connect on Facebook
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Branna Fleur De Lis Brides Book Blitz

AMAZON BUY LINK: http://amzn.to/2gRRMqJ
Perfectionistic Branna Lind has found true love with James Newbern, but the winds of Hurricane Katrina push their wedding date into an uncertain future. She can’t wait on Fleur de Lis to be restored to marry James. They need to wed pronto, before she reveals news sure to shock her family. James is determined to protect Branna. Since their engagement, his gun toting ex-fiancée has been dipping into crazy. He’s certain she’ll settle down after the wedding, but when she steals Branna’s heirloom pearls—her something old for the wedding—James takes matters into his own hands. And despite Branna’s ranting, he’s not agreeing to a quickie Vegas wedding. His fiancée will be a Fleur de Lis bride, just as tradition dictates. Or he’ll die trying. The path to “I do” is more challenging than Branna and James ever imagined, but they’re determined to get their happily ever after.  
  Excerpt: “Who would do this?” she wailed. Bed linens, scooped from the bed, were piled in a heap on the floor. The mattress ruined by a large X from corner to corner, looked naked and raw. A bedside lamp had been smashed against the wall. A gaping hole in the drywall sprouted pink insulation. “Miss Lind. Do you have any enemies? This appears to be a threat or a message rather than a burglary. Can you identify anything taken?” “My pearls?” James stepped away. She raced to her dresser, her heart thudding faster than racecar pistons, she yanked on the top dresser drawer. A moment of hope shot through her as she reached for the dark blue velvet box. The string of perfectly matched, white pearls were gone. Her wedding would be incomplete without that special something old. The thief had robbed her unborn child of a precious family heirloom. “Oh, God.” branna3   Arriving at the RV, he opened the door and climbed aboard. The passenger seat was empty. Where had Branna gone? “I’m back here,” she called out. “I need your help, please.” He paused at the sweetness in her voice, a tone he hadn’t heard since before they postponed the Labor Day weekend wedding. Her plea ignited his hero instincts. Anything for his woman. Checking the lock on the door, he then made his way to the rear of the motorhome where blackout shades shrouded the room in darkness. His eyes took a moment to adjust. “Hey there, handsome,” Branna cooed. A spotlight over the bed suddenly illuminated her. He sucked in a breath. Stretched out on white satin sheets, Branna leaned against several pillows with one knee raised. The pearls glistened around her neck… She motioned him closer. Ravage popped into his mind. He swallowed hard. He wanted to send her body into frantic need that only he could satisfy. He let go of a ragged breath. All other thoughts faded away. Only she existed in that moment.   branna4   ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   A Christmas Eve baby, now Amazon Best Selling author and 4-time RONE Award Finalist, Linda Joyce writes about assertive females and the men who can’t resist them. She has penned the Fleur de Lis series, Fleur de Lis Brides series, and the Sunflower series. Her other books include Behind the Mask and Christmas Bells. A big fan of jazz and blues, Linda attributes her love of musical to her southern roots, which run deep in Louisiana though she’s lived coast to coast curtesy of her father’s Air Force career. She wrote her first manuscript when she was twelve while living in Japan, the country where her mother was born and raised. In addition to being a book addict, Linda’s a foodie, an RVer, loves to kayak, and binge watch movies. Now she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and General Beauregard, their four-legged boy. Website: http://www.linda-joyce.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindaJoyceAuthor Twitter: @LJWriter https://twitter.com/LJWriter Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Linda-Joyce/e/B00BODDROS/ Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/LindaJoyceWorld/boards/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrjZh-TMFbeN1k7BlWAAxeA Newsletter http://eepurl.com/4y5Yj Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/LJWriter
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First Kill Blitz

first-kill   first-kill2   first-kill3
BLURB: Andrew enjoys the company of women, perhaps too much. The council in heaven has had enough of his sexual promiscuities and they've sentenced him to return to earth to destroy demons. To make matters more difficult, if he has sex with a woman he has to stay an extra year. Without clothes, money, or food, his task seems impossible. Emily is in a world of trouble. She leaves her family, job, and home in Chicago to start a new life. As she’s driving along a country road, she discovers a naked man lying in the middle of it. He’s incredibly built, sculpted to perfection, and blessed with a fine package south of his navel. When he asks for her help, she can’t resist.   Over the next several days, Emily’s sanity is tested. Andrew struggles to keep his hands to himself. Emily seeks the truth from Andrew while he endeavors to kill a demon. What she discovers frightens her. Angels, demons, heaven and hell exist. Determined to help Emily change her future, Andrew offers her a deal. But is heaven the best eternal resting place?   first-kill4 EXCERPT 1 The silence in the room threatened his sanity. Finding the remote near the TV, he took it and pressed the power button. The flat screen was small, but it had a better picture compared to the boxy television sets. He kicked off his shoes before he scooted back over the mattress. The bed was bouncy and would be perfect for having sex. A shame he couldn’t make use of his resources. After propping the pillows behind him, he flipped through the channels on the TV. He found an episode of Seinfeld playing. He remembered watching the sitcom when it had first aired in 1989. The comedy always made him laugh. Later, a show called Friends came on. The sitcom kept him entertained until his phone vibrated in his pocket. He hurried to pull it out in case it was Emily. When he finally removed the cell, he noticed a message from her on the screen. Made it back to the hotel. How are you doing? Smiling at the wonders of modern technology, he replied, Watching Friends. It’ not bad. He set the phone on his thigh and resumed watching the show. A minute later, a new text from her appeared. Ick. Friends is old. He prepared a quick response. New to me. Her next message arrived promptly. Seriously? Don’t they have TV in heaven? Nope, he replied. He held the cell, waiting for her to respond. OMG! How did you get by without TV?? What do people do without TV?? He typed his reply. There are theatres people perform in. Most people are busy with jobs, going out with friends, having sex, spending time with family, traveling, having fun, having more sex… What’s OMG? He placed the phone on his leg. He shook his foot as the time passed. When his phone didn’t vibrate, he pressed the button to make sure he hadn’t missed anything. The screen showed the normal picture of a field of flowers. Sad she hadn’t replied, he returned his attention to the television. But after a few minutes, he couldn’t tolerate watching the show any longer. He missed talking to Emily, even if it was only by instant messaging. He lifted the phone and sent her a new communication. What are you doing? Boredom started to take hold of him. He left the phone on the bed and began pacing in the room. The urge to call her was like an itch he desperately needed to scratch, but he didn’t want to be a nuisance. He kept glancing at the phone, hoping it would buzz with a response from her. When it finally did, he dove over the bed to claim the cell. Getting clothes ready for tomorrow. Heading into shower soon. OMG is oh my god. I’m stunned there’s no TV in heaven. Her message instantly brightened his mood. He entered his reply. Who needs TV when there are better things to do? What are you going to wear tomorrow? He placed the phone aside and then laid his head sideways on top of his arm. So she was staying busy. That was good to know. At least she hadn’t decided to leave him stranded. He’d thought she might, especially after she tried to give him several wads of cash. He didn’t want her money. It was hers to begin with. Just because he’d won it didn’t make it his. Besides, he’d rather be with her than have any amount of money. The phone buzzed. He jerked his head up to look at the screen. Black dress with a wide belt. Nothing fancy. He imagined her wearing a sexy black outfit that reached above her knees and had a low neckline to reveal her cleavage. Wait a minute. He didn’t want her to wear anything sexy for the demon. If she was going to pretty herself up, it should be for him. No need to dress to impress. Jeans will be fine, he replied. Now, if she dressed up nice for him, Andrew would have to let his fingers explore her body, starting with her thighs. Then again, maybe he should start with her neck and drag his touch down between her breasts. The mere thought gave him a boner. A new message arrived from her. Not taking any chances. This dirtbag needs to go. Don’t lead him on too much, Andrew sent back to her. Define too much. Is kissing too much? Is letting him feel me up too much? FYI, leading him is the game plan. Andrew’s eyes widened. She had to be kidding around. God, he hoped she was. He quickly typed a response. No touching. No kissing. If he tries, walk away. No, run! His pulse sped as he thought about the demon touching her. He’d rip the demon’s heart out. No one was allowed to lay a finger on Emily. A new message arrived. LOL. Chillax angel baby. I’m not into demons. He chuckled as he prepared a reply. Are you into angels? I may know someone. He’s a good guy. Hot. Well hung. I think you’d like him. He turned onto his side and propped his head up with his balled hand. Although he wasn’t sure what LOL stood for, he guessed it wasn’t a bad thing. LMFAO! He stared at the letters, clueless as to what they stood for. What does that mean? Is that code for you want to bop his brains out? After he sent the message, he tried to make up words for each letter. L could stand for let’s. M could be short for make. F could be for fun or funny. A could stand for apples and O for oranges. Let’s make funny apples and oranges. Maybe it was the latest phrase people used. OMG I am LMFAO. Seriously!!   first-kill5 EXCERPT 2   Relief flowed through her, having shared the truth. Now if she could only get him to do the same. “Yeah, my story’s not nearly as interesting as yours.” “I disagree. What kind of person gets punished in heaven for having sex with too many women? I don’t think it gives me a good image.” His words were not what she wanted to hear. “So that’s it? They sent you back because of that?” she asked. “Well… In all honesty, this was my third sentence. I guess the council had had enough with me.” “Third sentence?” The story just kept improving. “The first one I spent twenty years in London. The council thought by sending me away from my family and friends that I’d change. The second time they sent me to a men’s academy for five years.” “Is that like some kind of military facility?” “Something like that, but no weapons or fighting, of course. Female secretaries worked in the office and they took a liking to me.” “And you’re not the kind of guy to turn a lady down, I suppose.” “No, I’m not.” “So everything you said at the bar was true?” She still didn’t believe him. His story was too unreal. “Yes. They sent me back to kill six demons. An extra year will be added to my sentence for every woman I have sex with while I’m here.” “That must be hard for you.” He didn’t respond, but he kept staring at her. Frustrated, she shook her head and looked away. Why couldn’t he tell her the truth? That’s all she wanted. “How would anyone even know if you were having sex?” she asked. “Before they sent me back, they injected me with these … fluids. One of them was a way for them to monitor and communicate with me. The other had something in it to knock me out too. I was unconscious within a few minutes of the shot. I’m not sure which contained holy water, but it had to be in one of the two vials.” “Holy water?” “So the demon will be destroyed once I touch it.” “Ah,” she said as she tilted her head back. “So they can monitor what you do?” “Yes.” “Hmm…” “You still don’t believe me. Do you?” he asked. “No, I don’t. It sounds too unbelievable.” “So then it has to be a lie?” he questioned. “Angels don’t exist. God doesn’t exist. If there was one, he wouldn’t let people hurt people.” “Free will is a bitch to deal with,” he said. “Yeah, whatever.”   first-kill6 EXCERPT 3 He lifted the visor before he turned to his new lady friend. “Thank you for the ride.” “What’s your name?” she asked. “Andrew.” She glimpsed at him. “Andy what?” “It’s Andrew, not Andy,” he said, a bit testy. “Oh, sorry. What’s your last name?” “Just call me Andrew.” She pressed her lips together and frowned. He sensed her discontent, but he didn’t see a point in sharing his full name. “What’s your name?” he asked. “Emily.” He noticed she avoided gazing at him. Did his nakedness bother her? He wondered if she was bashful. Surely, she didn’t think he had an unappealing body. But he couldn’t be certain. Maybe if he had something to hide his erection she would be more willing to look at him. “You wouldn’t happen to have any extra clothes, would you? Preferably for a man.” He looked behind her seat and spotted a cover and a bag containing bottles of water. “No, but there’s a blanket in the back you can use for now.” He twisted and reached between the seats. His arm brushed against hers and she inched away from him. After he pulled the blanket to the front, he placed it over his lap. The dark road had a lot of hills and curves. He hadn’t seen a single vehicle in either direction. Since they hadn’t passed many houses, he guessed they were far from a city. But where? And what year was it? Did Earth look the same since he’d left it in 1989? He wished the sun were shining so could he see more. She peeked at him from the corner of her eyes. “This is just too weird.” “What?” She took her eyes off the road briefly. “You.” “So you don’t stumble across naked men in the road very often?” She grinned and he thought it went well with her face. He would encourage her to smile more often. “No, you’re the first,” she said. “How did you end up without any clothes in the middle of some country road?” “If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.” The temptation to feed her some story played in his mind. If he told her the truth, she might pull over and force him to get out. He needed help and right now, she was his only chance at getting it. “Try me,” she said. “Could you first tell me what year it is?” Her brows scrunched. “2016.” “Oh.” He nodded. “Good.” He inhaled a relieving breath. Since he’d only been gone twenty-seven years, he suspected he could fit back into society with ease. first-kill7 EXCERPT 4 He moved closer to her. “What is that?” He pointed at the screen. “Skype is an online tool people use to communicate with other people anywhere in the world.” “Like a visual phone call?” “Where have you been? This isn’t new. It’s been around for years.” The screen changed again. Intrigued by her actions, he watched her drag her finger over the flat pad, press a button, and then start typing ‘Harold Dillons’ in the box on the screen. She hit a key and a new screen appeared within seconds. She moved the page down by pressing the arrow on the keyboard. “It’s amazing how quickly you can get information,” he said while he enjoyed breathing in her soft, sea-breeze scent. “Yeah, well, if it’s public knowledge, we can get access to it. I’m not seeing any articles from newspapers about this guy. Right now, he’s just an ordinary person. I want to know where he works, what car he drives, does he have good credit or bad credit, does he have a criminal record…” “Can Troy find that information out?” “Troy has access to resources that we don’t. He can get the information without risking any harm to himself.” She brought up a new window on the screen. “We can get a close up view of his house.” She typed the address on the line. A small picture of a house appeared along with a map. Emily clicked to zoom in closer on the map. A larger, clearer image of the brick home showed up. “That’s his house,” she said. “That is?” He leaned closer, brushing his arm against hers. “Hey, sit back.” She brought the laptop to the edge of the table. Together, they stared at the red brick home. It sat on a hill with the one-car garage on the main level. Above the garage was a porch. Two separate flights of concrete stairs led to the front door in the center of the house. The small yard was steep with mostly bushes. A window stuck out on the other side of the door. The home resembled a small bungalow. Emily clicked on an arrow and the focus changed to the house next door. She clicked on a different arrow and the image jumped in the opposite direction. “The neighborhood looks crowded. See how close the houses are?” she asked. “How can you see his house and the ones next door?” She turned and her mouth was inches away from him. “Have you ever used a computer before?” He tried not to look at her pink lips, but he couldn't resist. He fought the urge to claim them. “No, but I’ve seen plenty.” “It’s easy to use. If you want to look at a map, you type Google Maps in the box. If you want to look up a person’s name, just enter the name in the box. It’s called a search field. Whatever you enter will start a search after you press the return button.” She pointed to the key. “Even if you have a question, you can just enter your question and you’ll get a list of responses. They may not be accurate, though. You have to weed through the links.” She veered her attention back to him. He stared at her eyes. The blue tint captivated him and offered him a sense of tranquility. He lowered his gaze to her mouth. As if she were a magnet, he felt a strong lure toward her. His heart gained beats while blood rushed through him and focused on one particular spot on his body. She inched closer to him and he could feel her warm breath. He wanted her, wanted to mold his mouth to hers and suck on her precious tongue. But he knew he couldn’t stop there. He’d have to have more and he presumed she would too. Against everything that he yearned for, he backed away from her and rose. first-kill-author       About the Author: Mary is a romantic at heart and a lifetime lover of the paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction. Indianapolis is her hometown. When she's not working or binge watching television, she enjoys creating fantastical stories with vampires, demons, werewolves, angels, and/or other supernatural creatures. She likes to add mystery and suspense along with romance to her books too. She lives a quiet life and aspires to become a full time writer after she is able to retire. She also hopes to meet that vampire, werewolf, or angel who will sweep me off her feet. Hey, a girl can dream. And she often does.   www.mary-abshire.com   www.facebook.com/MaryAbshire.Author   www.goodreads.com/maryabshire   www.twitter.com/maryabshire   www.Instagram.com/mary.abshire   Newsletter: https://madmimi.com/signups/276391/join        

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Hit Man Blitz

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HIT MAN, Book Three: Deadliest Lies Series Michele Mannon RELEASE DAY: December 6th. Blurb: An attraction so deadly. Passionate. Arrogant. Relentless. Diego is a woman’s wet dream and a husband’s nightmare. He’s a killer who seduced me…over and over again. He’s the only person who seems to understand the dark, dangerous world I’ve stumbled into. Is he out to save me or am I merely a pawn in a deadly game he’s been playing? Kindle: http://amzn.to/2f4gLWO Ibooks: http://apple.co/2fs1Wle Nook: http://bit.ly/2fs11kJ Kobo: http://bit.ly/2fivpP8 Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2frXMJU Amazon CA http://amzn.to/2eHNFjb Amazon AU: http://amzn.to/2e9HS59 Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2f4jvmV Synopsis He always gets what he wants. The seasoned seducer, who probably charms the panties off of every woman he meets. Diego is handsome. Arrogant. Dangerous. Far more dangerous than anyone I've ever met. And with one look from across a crowded room he has me; hook line and sinker, I'm his for the night. Diego is not a man to mess with, I know that. I just can't seem to resist his kiss, his touch. But can I trust him with my heart, with my body? I'm being hunted for something I may or may not have seen, and Diego is my only way out of a world of death and destruction. If only I can believe his dark promises. hitman2 Excerpt: Warning ~ Spice Level HOT SET UP: Aubrey has returned to her private bungalow, a bit tipsy and feeling slightly off-center after the party she’d been at has abruptly ended because someone fell off the ope- concept infinity dance floor. She’s noticed Diego…twice before. *** I stretch my arms forward for balance and zombie-walk in the darkness toward my bed, which is furthest from the door. Alone. Light of head, light in spirit. Feeling reckless. What I should be doing instead of the zombie walk is the walk of shame. Where did the handsome hunk with Superman’s buns disappear to? Maybe he’s in a bungalow close by? Do I want him to be in the bungalow close by . . . within proximity to me and my lustful thoughts? Do I dare seek him out? My heart races at the naughty idea. Tomorrow. When your head is clearer you can restrategize the perfect introduction. I inhale deeply and move over to the side of my bed. A wonderfully tantalizing hint of citrus fills in the air. The maids must have sprayed some kind of orange-infused air freshener layered with a hint of spice. Bringing the outdoors inside. And I plan to do the same because since I can’t gaze at the stars, I’ve decided to dream about them. Stars and oranges and sexy bad boys. The bedside light abruptly turns on. I squeal and jump, my mouth falling open with disbelief. Temptation is here . . . tonight . . . in my bed. “Oh,” I hear myself gasp. Seconds pass as his eyes rake over me, down to my toes and back up to my face. All I can do is stare at him, falling into stunned silence. “You’ve got a beautiful body, chavita.” Naked. I’m naked. I immediately fold an arm across my chest and hang a hand in front of my crotch. “What are you doing in here?” I murmur. Up close, he’s even more gorgeous. Breathtakingly so, with lips plump for kissing and eyes the color of caramel. Except they’re the opposite of sweet Naughty, come-play-with-me eyes. Do I want to play? Be daring, be bold? I did a few seconds ago . . . “Did you have too much to drink? Wander into the wrong bungalow?” I mean, pinch me, please. Things like this don’t happen to me. My life is rather predictable. Boring, perhaps. “I’m waiting for you.” He pulls back the crisp white bedsheet. Lord have mercy but do I need another shot. Liquid courage. Drunken bravado. Whatever. The sheet settles around his waist and I’m treated to a mouthwatering display of muscled chest. My gaze drops lower to the taut plains and valleys of his abs. And lower still . . . to the prominent bulge highlighted against the thin cotton material. He’s naked. My lips part in surprise. “That’s for you, chava.” Oh my God. He knows exactly the effect he has on me, doesn’t he? “I don’t remember inviting you in.” “Don’t you? I could have pushed your lovely body up against that window, hiked up your skimpy red dress, and taken you right there, in front of all those dancers. And guess what, you’d have begged me to do it.” I blink. There’s confidence and there’s arrogance. Even if what he’s saying is true . . . “You playing hard to get?” he murmurs. Yet his tone is firm, no-nonsense. “Hard to get . . . no . . .” “Then come here.” I don’t move. Hell, I can’t. My head’s spinning as fast as my heart’s pounding. His bold proposition is tempting . . . so tempting . . . No one will know. But you. And him. He sighs, sitting up in bed and folding the sheet back. With slow, smoothly deliberate movements, he slides out of bed to stand before me. But he looks past me to the painting on the wall. “I’m not fucking you with un campo lleno de vacas watching us.” Moving around me, he scoops up my red dress and tosses it at the picture. It snags on the wooden frame, completely covering the pastoral scene. “Much better,” he informs me, the tone of his voice less of a rumble and more at a normal pitch. “You’re awfully presumptuous.” “Tell me to leave and I will.” I bite my lip. Isn’t it so much easier with him going all alpha on me? “Sí?” I pause in indecision. A feeling as foreign to me as discovering a guy so hot, so far removed from my world, my realm of possibility, is in my bed, where I want him to stay. He gives me a lopsided grin. A killer grin, with a little dimple that causes butterflies to flutter about inside my stomach. A seasoned seducer, who probably charms the panties off every woman he meets. I mean, just look at him. Of course he does. Yet it’s the hunger in his eyes as he rakes his gaze over me that does me in. “You want me?” he asks as our eyes collide. What is life truly without a few regrets? The rational part of me understands this, that if I fuck this gorgeous man, that’s what he’ll be. A regret. Yet the wild, recently liberated side of me, whispers, Do it. Make him the best regret ever. “Yes,” I say, a little breathlessly. Okay, a whole lotta breathlessly. He really does smile this time, the kind that causes tiny creases to form around his eyes. “Good. Now touch me.” hitman-3 Author Links: michelemannon.com Facebook Twitter goodreads Tweet @MicheleMannon AUTHOR INFO: Michele Mannon creates characters who are far from perfect; who are likely to be knee-deep in trouble, heart-first in love and at wits’ end when life unexpectedly, unequivocally turns to hell. Her debut series, Worth the Fight, received two Romantic Times Magazine Top Picks. Hit Man is the third book in her sexy romantic suspense series, Deadliest Lies and features the most seductive “big-boom” mercenary of them all…Diego. Michele lives in Pennsylvania but likes traveling to exotic places, including the NJ shore. She’s fond of Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Lattes, quick-witted, Irish-accented men, a good story, and lots and lots of laughter. For more information about Michele, please visit her website: http://www.michelemannon.com


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The Pawn Blitz

AMAZON: http://amzn.to/2fqh65J
Gabriel Miller swept into my life like a storm. He tore down my father with cold retribution, leaving him penniless in a hospital bed. I quit my private all-girl's college to take care of the only family I have left. There's one way to save our house, one thing I have left of value. My virginity. A forbidden auction... Gabriel appears at every turn. He seems to take pleasure in watching me fall. Other times he's the only kindness in a brutal underworld. Except he's playing a deeper game than I know. Every move brings us together, every secret rips us apart. And when the final piece is played, only one of us can be left standing. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * THE PAWN is a full-length contemporary novel from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren about revenge and seduction in the game of love. It's the first book in the brand new ENDGAME series.   the-pawn-4

Excerpt #1

A sense of familiarity fills the space between us even though I know we haven’t met. This man is a stranger, but he looks at me as if he wants to know me. He looks at me as if he already does. There’s an intensity to his eyes when they sweep over my face, as firm and as telling as a touch. “I need…” A thud against my ribs as I think about all the things I need—a rewind button. One person in the city who doesn’t hate me by name alone. “I need a loan.” He gives me a slow perusal, from the nervous slide of my tongue along my lips to the high neckline of my dress. I tried to dress professionally—a black cowl-necked sweater and pencil skirt. His strange amber gaze unbuttons my coat, pulls away the expensive cotton, tears off the cotton fabric of my bra and panties. He sees right through me, and I shiver as a ripple of awareness runs over my skin. I’ve met a million men in my life. Shaken hands. Smiled. I’ve never felt as seen through as I do right now. Never felt like someone has turned me inside out, every dark secret exposed to the harsh light. He sees my weaknesses, and from the cruel set of his mouth, he likes them. His lids lower. “And what do you have for collateral?” Nothing except my word. That wouldn’t be worth anything if he knew my name. I swallow past the lump in my throat. “I don’t know.” Nothing. He takes a step forward, and suddenly I’m crowded against the brick wall beside the door, his large body blocking out the warm light from inside. He feels like a furnace in front me, the heat of him in sharp contrast to the cold brick at my back. “What’s your name, girl?” The word girl is a slap in the face. I force myself not to flinch, but it’s hard. Everything about him overwhelms me—his size, his low voice. “I’ll tell Mr. Scott my name.” In the shadowed space between us, his smile spreads, white and taunting. The pleasure that lights his strange yellow eyes is almost sensual, as if I caressed him. “You’ll have to get past me.” My heart thuds. He likes that I’m challenging him, and God, that’s even worse. What if I’ve already failed? I’m free-falling, tumbling, turning over without a single hope to anchor me. Where will I go if he turns me away? What will happen to my father? “Let me go,” I whisper, but my hope fades fast. His eyes flash with warning. “Little Avery James, all grown up.” A small gasp resounds in the space between us. He already knows my name. That means he knows who my father is. He knows what he’s done. Denials rush to my throat, pleas for understanding. The hard set of his eyes, the broad strength of his shoulders tells me I won’t find any mercy here.   the-pawn-3

Excerpt #2

“Kinky stuff,” Gabriel says, the corner of his mouth turned up. “What do you know about kinky stuff?” My face feels hot. “I’ve seen the movie, okay? I know about things.” That’s a lie. I squirmed through the movie, lips parted in shock. How did people think of this stuff? Why would any girl like it? And I’m not just a random face in this city. My picture has appeared in the society papers. People know my father. Maybe some of the men were cheated by him, just like Gabriel. Would they want to hurt me in revenge? “Tell me what you know,” Gabriel says. The words are mocking, but something sparks inside me. “I know that some men like to hurt women. I know it makes them feel big and strong to hurt someone weaker.” “And are you weak, little virgin?” No, I want to say. Except I’ve lost everything in the past two months. My life, my school. My friends. I’m a shadow of my former self. Little virgin makes me fight back, though. Gabriel makes me fight back. “I’m doing what I have to do. Is that weak?” His gaze flickers over my body, the yellow of his eyes brighter in the lamp’s glow. When he meets my eyes, there’s a begrudging respect.   the-pawn-2   ABOUT THE AUTHOR:
Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary romance such as the Chicago Underground series. Her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, two sweet dogs, and one evil cat.
Website: http://www.skyewarren.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skyewarren
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skyewarrenbooks/  

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Bleed Blue Blitz

bleed-blue1 bleed-blue2  
Buy Links:
25 Authors. One SEXY Police Station. All for Charity.
  BLEED BLUE 69 is a story written by 25 Authors from one SEXY Police Station and it’s all for Charity. Spend your holidays with the brave men and women of Precinct 69 protecting citizens and stealing hearts in the Big Apple. These authors have joined forces to bring you their stories—some sweet, some dangerously hot—but all for a great cause. These NYC police officers will keep you warm on a winter’s night, make you sweat in the most delicious way possible, and have you wishing for your very own set of cuffs. Only further begging the question: Can anyone resist a hero in uniform? bleed-blue-3   Excerpt: A low groan escaped my throat. “Just remember who started this,” I warned before I nipped at her jaw. My hands found her ass and I gave a gentle squeeze before lifting her up onto the counter. Tess flashed me a devastating grin and it was over. All my anger faded. Replaced by carnal need. My heart thumped erratically as my cock pulsed against my pants, growing hard. A delightful shiver of desire ran through her as I reached for the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head, tossing it to the kitchen floor. The white lacy bra she wore, a stark contrast to her olive skin, was a tease. She liked for everyone to think she was such a lady, but only I knew the truth. Tess spread her thighs wider and wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me flush against her. My erection pressed into the hot center of her core. I could feel the heat through the thin material of our sweats. “Hold on to me,” I commanded as I lifted her off the counter enough to yank her bottoms and panties past her hips before I set her back down. Tess squealed. “The counter is freezing!” “You won’t be cold for long,” I growled, my voice laced with primal desire as I lay her back against the counter the rest of the way. I held one of her dainty shoulders with one hand and slowly trailed my other hand downward, skimming the front of her torso, over the swell of her breasts to her jeweled belly button. Leaning forward I flicked the tiny diamond with my tongue as my fingers snaked between her thighs, followed by my mouth—placing flesh-searing kisses in my wake until I settled between her legs and buried my face between her thighs. Her hands stroked my bald head as moans filled the kitchen, drowning out Ami’s whines and scratching sounds from the other side of the bedroom door. We lost track of time—of the world going on around us. The only thing that mattered—was us. Our heavy pants filled the air—and the damn dog’s howls. We laughed and smiled as our bodies exploded in fiery sensations, our souls colliding in passion and love.   bleed-blue-4     AUTHORS AND THEIR AMAZON PAGE LINKS: Alexis Alvarez (Author), Josie Bordeaux (Author), Rebecca Brooke (Author), Emme Burton (Author),M.C. Cerny (Author), Sarah M. Cradit (Author), Chelle C. Craze (Author), Jami Denise (Author), Lisa Edward (Author), Mary Catherine Gebhard (Author), Rochelle Paige (Author), ZB Heller (Author), Vanessa Marie (Author), Glenna Maynard (Author), Kristen Hope Mazzola (Author), Morgan Jane Mitchell (Author),Jenni Moen (Author), Alexis Noelle (Author), Brandy L Rivers (Author), Katherine Rhodes (Author), Emerson Shaw (Author), Kacey Shea (Author), M. Stratton (Author), Madison Street (Author), Felicia Tatum (Author)    

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