Sunday, December 23, 2012

Shadow Watcher Review

Title: Shadow Watcher
Author: Ashlyn Mathews
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 167

The Blurb:
Demon Hunter Sophie Sinclair and ex-Homicide Detective Ryan Campbell are pitted against one another, tested by mysterious forces in a dangerous game of secret identities, contracts for murder, and past betrayals.
Sophie Sinclair was presumed dead. When an enemy’s transmitter reveals her existence, she must return home to bargain for her ex-lover’s life and face the unanswered questions from her past.
Ryan Campbell is a reluctant fighter. Bitter since his father’s murder, he wants nothing to do with the paranormal world. When his act of betrayal is discovered, he must do the unthinkable to save his life.
Duty above love, duty above family, and to protect the weak from the strong. Sophie has always lived by her family’s motto. Will she choose to protect the ex-lover from her past or the reluctant fighter who could be her future? She can save only one man.
Sensuality Level: Sensual

My Review: Shadow Watcher is a definite kick ass book literally! I was amazed by the amount of action in this book. It has the feel of Die Hard and Buffy the Vampire Slayer all rolled into one making it one heck of a story.
Sophie is an amazing character she doesn't take crap from anyone or anything. Ryan is just as determined and stubborn as Sophie but when the two of them come together it's like watching a fireworks display on the Forth of July! I cheered them on as well as screamed and yelled at these two. The way Sophie and Ryan come together in this story is just wow! Passion ignites and takes off like a speeding bullet that hits it's mark.
I truly liked the book and found myself wishing for more of the story. Shadow Watcher is a wonderful  romance with just enough of the paranormal to entertain the true paranormal geek like myself.

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