Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Search Review

Title: The Search
Author: Susan Leigh Noble
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 52

The Blurb: For over a thousand years, telepathic cats known as STACs have faithfully searched for those with power over the elements looking for the one foretold to save the Land. None have questioned their duty to fulfill this ancient task.

But when Tosh’s latest charge is murdered because of his Elemental powers, Tosh considers abandoning The Search. Will a glimpse of the future destruction be enough to change his mind?

My Review: The Search is prequel if you will or a 1.5 version of the Elemental series by Susan Noble. I found a fun little book with just the right touch of a fantasy element to it. I however am sorry to say it was not my cup of tea. I am not trying to turn anyone away from the book or the series as I said above it was a fun little story. I wish it was more of what I am into unfortunately it is not. I do however believe that Susan Noble is a very talented author and praise her writing skills as she was able to help me visualize every scene and help make every character seem realistic. If you are into cats and the fantasy genre then this is one book and maybe a series you should read.

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