Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Followers Review

Title: The Followers
Author: Evan Bollinger
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 74

The Blurb:
When a young boy follows a dark-winged creature through his summer suburbia, the world opens before him. But as reality peels away, and as the entities from beyond pour through, nothing can be done.

The mind bending has just begun. And what follows will change the boy and his family forever. For the Multiverse has found a friend; the beings of the black beyond are calling.

My Review: My initial reaction to this book was total confusion. So then I went back and read the book again only to gain a bit more understanding. The Followers for me was like being in a drug induced fog. It honestly gave me a headache try to make sense of it and that is when it hit me I was trying to make the story logical. There is no logic to The Followers it just is. Once I was able to take the logic out and just sit back and read I found that I did enjoy the story. It is definitely one heck of a ride that is for sure. It almost made me feel as though I was in a Twilight Zone episode.
Evan Bollinger did a nice job of taking you on a trip through an alternate dimension of sorts. I am glad I did give the book a second chance. If your interested in a trip in to a fantasy dimension I recommend picking up Evan's book!

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