Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Hunt Review

Title: The Hunt
Author: Robin Ingle
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 19

The Blurb: The adolescent sons of the Viking Erik the Red -- Leif and Tosti Erikson -- admire the beauty of a teenage girl and the falcon she trains. But when she rejects Leif, Tosti finds that events spin out of his control.

Set in Greenland in the 990s, this tale is the second short story in The World's Edge series. The stories in the series need not be read in order.

My Review: As I started this story I was intrigued by it as I read about one boys fascination with a beautiful girl and another boys love of the falcon she raised. He wanted nothing more than to soar with the bird and Robin Ingle made that image become very clear to me through her words. The Hunt  is another story of historical fiction that I was totally entertained with. This is the second of The World's Edge Series and equally as good as the first Tyrker's Tale.

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