Sunday, October 21, 2012

Title: Moments Collide
Author: Angella Graff
Genre: Contemporary fiction
Pages: 328

Blurb: Felix LaPage was a young man with huge musical aspirations. Growing up, Felix developed a love of music, and with his cello, worked his way through school to try and become a musical success.

However, that's not the whole story. While working toward his musical dreams, Felix met a woman who would change the course of his life, but not necessarily in a good way. With this woman, Rayne, Felix learns that not everyone is kind or selfless. Struggling through Rayne's verbal and emotional abuse, Felix also must face getting over her multiple affairs.

It's one night, on a long train-ride home, where Felix meets a young woman who shows him a different path, a path that could lead to his own personal happiness, free of struggle and pain. It's up to Felix, however, to choose whether or not he's meant to walk the painful path with Rayne, or a path that allows him to be free.

Review: Moments Collide is a book that had me questioning if there truly are beginnings and endings or if life truly is about moments that happen. I began reading this story not sure exactly where it would take me but, I soon realized I had a connection with the main character Felix LaPage and needed to know his story. This is written in first person and I loved it I felt like I was Felix and it was if he was sitting at a desk writing out his life story. As each page told me more and more about Felix and his friends and his life I began to understand him more. His love of music and the raw talent he had for the cello was beautiful. Then enters Rayne a woman who ripped Felix to the very fiber of his being. She was relentless with her fits. I constantly felt the need to ask how can you love someone like this and why would you stay? Then it hit me she was his comfort zone it was what he knew and was to afraid to change for fear that he could end up with worse. So for a decade Felix stayed. Then one day by complete chance life showed him a different path and the beauty that went with it for a brief moment. Would he take the chance would he finally step out of that zone? I had to continue reading I had to know if he took that leap of faith that so many people are afraid of and to my complete amazement and joy he did. I wanted to jump for joy. I was totally taken back by the amount of emotion that Moments Collide bought out in me and how I related to the main character I began to see how much my own story in life related to Felix. I wanted him to have that happiness we all seek out to find and to grab a hold of. Angella Graff did a wonderful job with this story and shows us the sometimes there are no beginnings and no endings just moments that collide. I am in complete joy over this book I truly loved the story! I recommend this book to any of you true believers pick it up and read this one with your heart!



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  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful review! I'm so so happy you enjoyed the book!