Monday, October 15, 2012

Review of 50/50 and Other Stories

Title: 50/50 and other stories
Author: Matthew W McFarland
Genre: Mixed
Pages:  68

Blurb: In 'Fifty/Fifty', a policeman is called out to an attempted suicide on the iconic Forth Rail Bridge. His previous experience with 'jumpers' has led to one death and one life saved - his current record is fifty/fifty, but all that is about to change.

In 'Defenestration', a man is thrown from the twelfth story of a building in mysterious circumstances. As he falls towards almost certain death, he contemplates his fate, killer whales, flying cats, and the untapped potential of the human mind.

In 'The Burning Bar', a man enters a burning building to rescue the love of his life, and becomes trapped, as the whole place collapses around him. Will he manage to escape before it is too late?

'What Have You Done?' deals with the legacy of the conflict in Northern Ireland, as a civil servant comes face to face with an ex-terrorist, leading him to discover how the previous generation coped with living through the worst of the Troubles.

These, and seven other stories, touching on sport, fatherhood, arachnophobia, faith, and cannibalism, make up an exciting collection of short fiction which will leave readers wanting more.

Review: 50/50 was terrific book. Matthew McFarland did a fabulous job with his book. Each story was very descriptive and pulled me in I felt as though I was in each story I read. He used the descriptions so creatively and they were in no way over done.
I liked 50/50 very much. I enjoyed each story in the book completely and would really like to read any future writings that Mr. McFarland may do.


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