Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Poison Review

Title: Poison
Author: Dejana Vultic
Genre: YA
Pages: 322

Blurb:Dessa Ambrose – the normal girl-next-door who yearns for her life to attain meaning – meets the strangely alluring Christopher Calder, who holds the secrets of the past and the keys to all the doors Dessa wishes to open. As she spends more time with Chris, Dessa begins to realize that he isn’t human – or at least not a normal one. His mysterious powers leave Dessa questioning the very foundation of the world she grew up in, and when Chris finally opens the door to Dessa’s future, she finds herself reluctant to walk through it.

As a newly Awakened Keeper – a God in the form of a human with the power to control one of the elements of nature—Dessa learns of her affinity for Light, but as she and her friends try to remember everything from their dark pasts, the evil they knew then has followed them to the present. But unfortunately for them, none of them can remember who that evil might be.

With that evil destroying the bonds that hold them so close to one another, wreaking destruction upon the world, and attempting to claim Dessa’s life at every available turn, Dessa realizes that her true destiny can no longer be avoided.

When it all comes down to it, Dessa must either forfeit herself, her power, and her will to live, or she must give up the lives of the entire world – of those she sought to protect. Can she make the ultimate sacrifice? Or is she just as spineless as the enemy believes her to be?

My Review: I loved this book.  Poison totally captured my attention. I enjoyed every aspect of it. Dejana Vuletic's style of writing was absolutely wonderful. She made this story jumped right off the pages from the very start and it didn't ever stop. For me to be able to to this review properly I would have to give away the plot and I can not ruin the book for anyone else. I can tell you that Poison is more than worth reading it is worth owning. I look forward to future writings by Dejana Vuletic.

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