Thursday, October 25, 2012

Codename Fairy Godmother Reassigned Review

Title: Codename Fairy Godmother Reassigned
Author: Tanjlisa Marie
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Pages: 290

Blub: What do you get when you splice TOMB RAIDER’s Lara Croft with Tinker Bell?
Meet Agent Thunder, a kick-butt Huntress with the Fairy Godmother Organization (FGO). Find out what happens when the FGO’s #1 bounty hunter encounters Earth’s most infamous villain and gets REASSIGNED for her own protection. While in her fairy godmother protection program, Agent Thunder is eventually tracked down by Ciaran, the alluring terminator-leprechaun that she went into hiding to evade in the first place. Ciaran, a seasoned seducer gains the fairy godmother’s trust and introduces her to experiences she’s never even contemplated. He doesn’t appear to be as menacing as Agent Thunder was led to believe . . . or so she thought. As they spend more time together and feelings evolve, she soon discovers the life-altering truth, not only about the villainy leprechaun, but about conspiracies surrounding the FGO, and everything she's ever held as gospel. If you like chicks that kick butt, conflicted villains, arbitrary fight scenes, nude fairy godmothers, terminator-leprechauns, pixies, conspiracies, or hot and heavy petting, then this book is for you.

My Review: When I first received this book for review I was totally excited as I am a total fairie fanatic. I started reading and thought wow this is a cool book then I hit a spot that was even to fairy foo foo for me. I am a total girly girl most of the time but this chapter of the book was just to much. Admittedly I did find it comical and fun and it did not keep me from reading further. I laughed out loud several times while reading REASSIGNED and completely enjoyed the book and am anxious for the next installment of this saga.
Now all that being said, the characters in this book are very vividly written and held my attention the whole time. Agent Thunder is a total kick butt fairy I can say I wouldn't take her on as she could inflict some pretty nasty blows. She meets her mate that can match her blow for blow when Ciaran enters the picture. Not only does he set her world to spinning but he leaves her with so many questions that she needs answers for. The mix of these two characters was awesome! I love how REASSIGNED comes together and honestly can say I would recommend this book completely I would however say it may not be appropriate for anyone under the age of 14 due to some of the sexual content. Please take a look at this book and maybe even read it you won't regret it!


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