Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Election Minding the Heavens Part 1 Review

Title: Election Minding the Heavens Part 1
Author: James Pyle
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
Pages: 139

The Blurb: Minding the Heavens is a series of three novellas that chronicle the intersection of four distinct stories.

1. Lawrence Fielding is in his mid-twenties, works for his uncle (whom he hates) and has recently broken up with his longtime girlfriend. He is determined to kill himself until a chance encounter with a man claiming to be the devil starts him down a path of curious, and seemingly inexplicable, incidence.

2. Michael, once an angel of the Host of Heaven, is now a drunk who has wandered North America for the better part of five decades.

3. Samuel is a reclusive assassin who, just as he decides to retire, is offered one final opportunity unlike anything he's ever done before.

4. Diedrich Markus was, at one time, a promising young physicist. That is, however, until he published a paper claiming to have found evidence that the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics work differently within the Trans-America building in San Francisco. After several unaccounted years, Markus resurfaces at a small, decidedly hippy-like, university in Western Washington.

My Review: I admit that at first I was determined not to give this book a chance I thought there is no way I will like this book. I even procrastinated on reading it. I truly was dragging my feet on reading it. Then I finally decided to give it an honest try with an open mind and dove into it. I was totally surprised by what I read! I was kicking myself for taking so long to read it. Once I gave it the chance Minding The Heavens I found that it was a very well written book with some very interesting characters.
Minding The Heavens had me truly feeling the emotion of the characters. Micheal's story had me crying and feeling his pain and resentment. Diedrich's story had me releasing a giggle here and there. Samuel's story had me wondering what his final offer had him feeling in the end and if he had truly met his match when it was all said and done. The hatred the Larry felt was completely evident. It seeped through the pages and left me wanting to punch his uncle in the face.
I am glad that I did give this book the true attention it deserved as I was totally surprised at how much I did enjoy reading it after all. Minding The Heavens is a book that I would gladly recommend as a need to read. I am looking forward to the rest of the series quite excitedly. So please if you venture a look at this book don't turn a blind eye to it. Pick it up and take a journey with an angel or two!

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