Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mark of the Chosen Blog Tour

Title: Mark of the Chosen
Author: Tesa W Colvin       
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Book Description:
Kao was more than just a Dark Warrior, his kills and success rate put him on the fast track to becoming a legend in the Unknowns.  So when he received orders to eliminate a potential threat to demonkind, he was up for the challenge. But in his attempts to carry out his assignment he quickly discovers that claiming victory will prove far more difficult than he anticipated.
Marked as “unchanged” and falling out of favor, his adversaries have riddled his path with distractions and ploys to overtake him. Now thrown into a quest to uncover the keys to unleashing the Reckoning, Kao’s every action brings him closer to revealing the darkest secrets of the kingdom. But will he be able to put it all together in time to ignite the rise of the Unknowns?

My Review: I started reading this book not sure what to expect from it or what exactly i would find. It did not take long for me to discover that this story was about a right of passage in a way. In the world of the unknown the demonkind Kao is not only following orders to eliminate a threat he get's a visit from something or some one he wasn't expecting and that visit sets Kao world on it's axes spinning like a top. Kao has no idea what he is in for but he is quickly going to learn and once it is set in motion there is no turning back for anyone! I thought Mark of the Chosen was a well told story with vivid description of everything but still leaving just enough room for me to form my own idea of what it was I was seeing. I enjoyed the short tale my only complaint is I wish it had been longer, But who knows maybe Kao's story isn't over it maybe just beginning!

Author Bio:
Tesa W. Colvin (TWC) was born a southern girl, raised in Michigan and now calls the south home again. She is the President of VisionWise Creative Consulting, author of multiple collections of poetry and inspirational works for writers as well as the serial fiction novel "Dark Princess". Noted by many as a passionate author and blogger of all things writing, despite wearing several hats TWC has completely embraced her gift and is more focused than ever on perfecting her craft and publishing her work.

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