Friday, February 22, 2013

Awakened Release

 Title- Awakened
Series-Few Are Angels Book #2
Author- Inger Iversen

Book Blurb:
What must he overcome to protect her?

With no clue of what to do next and the responsibility of looking after Alex and Mia as promised, Kale is up to his ears in problems and no solutions. How will Kale save Ella, keep Alex and Mia safe, control Jace as well as control the Bloodlust that creeps beneath the surface waiting to be released? Will Kale be Ella’s savior or will he convict her to a fate worse than the one Laurent has already promised her?

What truths will she learn?

Ella knows that the choices she makes affects not only her but everyone else around her, but what about the choices made to find her? Ella learns the truth about the death of her parents, learns that the ones she thought she could trust aren’t so trustworthy after all.
How will Ella handle these betrayals, and will she be able to sacrifice what is necessary to obtain eternal life?


It was our last night together before I went back to Sarah and Eric, and Kale and I snuggled on the bed in our pajamas. His scent was strong and crisp.
“How do you feel about the plan, Ella?” he asked.
I nuzzled his chest, refusing to answer. We’d talked about the plan well into the night, and now all I wanted was to be with Kale, without the interruption of our lives.
“Hey,” Kale said softly. He pulled my head from his chest and stared into my eyes.
My heart sped up so fast that I lost my breath, and Kale’s eyes took on a hooded stare.
“May I kiss you again?” His lips, soft and full, were on mine before I had a chance to answer. Kale completely dominated the kiss. His hand left my hair and traced a warm path down my side.
He pulled back slightly, then kissed my cheek and slid his mouth to my ear. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” he whispered, kissing the outer shell of my ear.
I quivered in response. There were so many things that I wanted from Kale, but this was still something I wasn’t ready for. I knew that I was falling in love with him, and that I wanted him to be my first, but it wasn’t the time. I was about to go through so much emotionally with Alex’s parents, and I didn’t want that to interfere with a special moment like this.
“I just want to keep kissing you, Kale.” I threaded my fingers through his. “I won’t see you for three or four weeks, and I really want to enjoy this time with you now.” I smiled as I thought of those three weeks without him.
“Hey,” Kale kissed my chin. “It’ll be okay. I’ll be here when you get back, and then we’ll figure out our future together.” He pulled me closer to his side. I could barely breathe, but that was all right.
“What’s to figure out?” I asked. “We are going to be together and live happily ever after.” I smiled. As silly as the childish comment sounded, I was actually looking forward to a happily ever after or something similar. I knew our lives would be nothing close to normal, but I was willing to live that kind of life if it meant being with Kale.

About The Author: Inger Iversen lives in Virginia Beach with her tree-hugging boyfriend Joshua and her overweight lap cat Max. When not reading or writing she spends her time watching reruns of True Blood or killing zombies in Call Of Duty.

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