Friday, November 9, 2012

The Scarlet Omen Review

Title: The Scarlet Omen
Author:Cinthia KoeKsal
Genre: Fantasy/Myth & Legend
Pages: 234

Blurb:What do a clan of vampires, a hidden gateway and a three hundred year old prophecy have to do with a rebellious teenager? Everything.

Being a good daughter is not easy. Being a bad one is downright exhausting. Anjeli, a girl plagued by visions of blood lust and magic, tries to live a carefree, teenage life but her over-protective Indian mother will not have any of it.

The animosity between them does not subside and as a series of events changes the course of their lives, Anjeli tries to assuage her guilty conscience with good memories. Instead, Anjeli stumbles upon a prophecy that has come to claim her as its main performer.

My Review:
"Despite his large build and scales so thick they deflected the bright rays of the evening suns, Raja Naga, the ruby red dragon, soared effortlessly through the dark clouds, scanning the horizon."

This is the first sentence in The Scarlet Omen and from reading that alone I was hooked! I love dragons! This book has every element of fantasy and surprise you could ever ask for or want. Each character just comes to life while reading this book.
As this story began to unfold for me the more intrigued I became. It was as if each scene was being painted right in front of me being brought to life through the sheer magic of the land in which it was being told in. I could see what Anjeli could see it was as if I could feel what she felt. I was right beside her it was like a magnificent daydream! The brilliance and the beauty of all the characters was amazing, the dragons obviously being my favorite but each one of the others from Ajeli to the Blood Witch had an element of mystical beauty to them. Chapter after chapter I was pulled in deeper and deeper to a realm not so unlike our own yet it held such wonders as one has never seen before. I could not put this book down nor did I want to.  I could have stayed forever. The Scarlet Omen started with a dragon's mystical beauty and fantasy untold and continued to carry that throughout the entire story. It told of a beautiful realm and of its woes and triumphs. As it came to a close it left me with a sense of utter fulfillment!

I received the copy of this book for review purposes only no money or gifts were exchanged for my review. 

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