Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fatal Error Review

Title: Fatal Error
Author: Eileen Schuh
Genre: YA
Pages: 295

The Blurb: Four lives intertwined by fate may lead to one fatal error…

When the police chopper rescues her from The Traz biker compound, fourteen-year-old Katrina thinks she’s escaping her brutal past. But she soon discovers that the cops know her darkest secrets, and she slides into an emotional hell of horror and guilt.

Shrug, the undercover officer who recruited her to the gang, struggles to undo the harm he has inflicted, but his attempts to protect Katrina spiral out of control. His boss, Sergeant Kindle, knows nothing can be forgotten and much must be forgiven before Katrina or Shrug will be free from the aftermath of the police sting.

Complicating matters, Katrina's dream relationship with another undercover officer, Chad, hits a major firewall when she discovers he's engaged. Just one fatal error could send Katrina, and everyone else involved, down a path of destruction that could leave no survivors.

My Review: Once again we meet up with Katrina she is still up to her old tricks only this time people realize that she is not as innocent as she would like for them to believe and finds it's not as easy to hide behind her youthful "innocence". Katrina goes on some pretty self indulged tirades and blames her whole tragic life on everyone never accepting responsibility for her actions. Oh then bam! I hit a twist in the story that leaves me wondering what just hit me!
Fatal Error is a story that left me with a much better feeling of Katrina. I enjoyed this second book of the series more than the first. I truly enjoyed getting the wind knocked out of my sails so to speak. I feel that the series is totally worth reading and that if you have ever been a mother of a teenager try to read this without thinking about your own experiences just enjoy the book.

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