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A Siren for the Dead Review Blitz

Title: A Siren for the Dead
Author: Rosa Sophia         
Genre: Science fiction / fantasy

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Aldon never got anywhere on his good looks, at least not according to his late wife.
At forty-two, his only companion is a cat named Tilly, and he’s turned to drinking in his off-hours to quiet the discontent in his head. As a city cop, he carries a heavy weight on his shoulders. Though he’s troubled by his own problems, he never lets them get in the way of helping people.
Now he’s needed more than ever. When the daughter of a nobleman goes missing, Aldon is sent to an alien planet to retrieve her.
But there’s one catch. The woman he seeks is unique. She is a siren, and she can raise the dead.

My Review: A Siren for the Dead is one fast paced, action packed, kick butt, in your face, full of zombie attack book that leaves you needing to catch your breath. It is such a whirlwind of a story that I could not put it down. From the start it just had my heart racing Aldon is such a great character I truly connected to him. As I followed him in his quest I was just mind boggled or maybe mind blown by the events that take place as he searches for the nobleman's daughter. Page after page of not knowing what to expect kept me more interested in the story needing to know more. When finally reaching the end I was ready to start reading it all over again to see what I may have missed. I loved this book. All the different aspects of this story I felt that it fit in so many different genres that I couldn't pin just one on it I would probably say sci-fi/Paranormal/thriller. I am so glad I read A Siren for the Dead it is a great book with a lot to offer every reader. Rosa Sophia did a fabulous job by using her words pulling this reader into the story wandering through the pages excited and maybe a little afraid of what would come next but, never wanting to stop reading until I stepped out of the last page. I will be looking into other books written by Rosa Sophia as her writing style as me most interested in reading her books. Thank you Rosa Sophia for making me a fan of your work!

Author Bio:
Rosa Sophia is a novelist and full-time editorial consultant. With a degree in Automotive Technology, she adores writing and editing as well as fixing cars. Rosa is also a crazy cat lady in training, and currently divides her time between South Florida and Pennsylvania.
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In Loam Square, at the center of Nalakien City, hordes of under-dwellers thrust up from the tunnel that led straight down to the sewers. People chanted and hollered on the sides of the square, watching them spout forth, all wielding weapons and shouting.
General Kemmer signaled his constables and watched as the cops strode forward, weapons in hand. The general, a man in his late thirties, was a wild-eyed, paranoid sort, who tried his hardest not to let the job affect his senses.
It was hard to do, and every city cop knew that. In most rural places, paperwork was the main part of being a cop. But a city like Nalakien had layers, secrets—and Callin Kemmer had unearthed enough of them to know there were more beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered.
He slunk into a nearby alleyway and listened to the ensuing brawl while crouching behind a dumpster. His black armored vest pushed forward as he leaned against the stone wall. He wasn’t being a coward, no, not ever; he was calling for backup.
He reached into an inner pocket with a steady hand and retrieved a small silver device. It had a short, stocky antenna in the top right corner. Below that was a compact screen that showcased the date and the year—1972—as well as how much battery power was left on the device. The general flipped open the top; the buttons and screen were illuminated by a soft blue glow.
From beyond the alley, he could hear screaming. People were dying, and it wasn’t just the under-dwellers, it was the cops too. Kemmer keyed his password, then accessed a list of contacts.
He pressed a button and put the flip-phone to his ear just as a blood-curdling shriek filled the air and the body of a constable was thrown violently into the alley. A loud crack and the sickening way in which the man had been killed told Kemmer this wasn’t any ordinary brawl.
He stared at the body as the ground shook.
His eyes darted around the alley, searching for a way out.
There wasn’t one.

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