Thursday, April 2, 2015

Second Sight Review Tour

Title: Second Sight
Series: The Adelaide Paige Saga Episode Two
Author: L.L. Hunter
Genre: NA Romantic Suspense/ Crime/ Thriller
Cover Designer: Rebecca Berto of Berto Designs
Release Date: March 17th 2015

Formats: eBook and Paperback


While working on what seems like just another case, Forensic Pathologist Adelaide Paige discovers something so shocking she can no longer concentrate. Something is wrong with her visions and her new assistant thinks the world should know about Addy.

When her boyfriend pulls away from her, Addy fears the mounting pressure will break her if she is to lose Killian.

As if things couldn't get any worse, Addy is asked to take a case in New York, taking her away from everyone who loves and supports her. The opportunity is too big to turn down, but without Killian to hold her together, Addy fears she’ll be forced to return to the asylum.

Is there a new ability plaguing Addy—or is she really going mad this time?

My Review: Wow! I was so taken in by this book! Second Sight is absolutely a fabulously awesome paranormal crime novel. It is a gripping story with so many twists it will leave you guessing as to what you think is the answer only to find out you are wrong. As Addy takes a job in New York she is unsure of her own self. I was just blown away by the way Addy takes on this case and her abilities even though she fears a return to an asylum I am just more intrigued and want to cheer her on. I love anything paranormal and especially when mixed in with a  mystery/crime story just seals it up for me leaving me full of excitement. Second Sight did not fall short of any of this for me. I savored this book and can only hope that L.L. Hunter will be writing more about Addy as I would be thrilled to read it!

The much anticipated sequel to the bestselling First Glance.

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