Friday, April 3, 2015

A Witches Dream World Blog Tour

Title: A Witch’s Dream World
Author: Cheryllynn Dyess
Genre: Paranormal/Occult Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

Elizabeth has gone through so much lately with her mother's passing. Now she lives with her aunts and she has begun to have nightmares. Only her nightmares are not nightmares at all, but spirit walks. Elizabeth never knew she belonged to a family of witches that dates back centuries. It is believed that she is the strongest one of all. She never knew her father was alive or that she had a twin brother. Now she must learn about a world she never knew existed. She has to learn to embrace her heritage and figure out how to defeat the Council. They are conspiring to destroy the structure of coexisting in this new society that her ancient people hold dear. Night after night her dreams reveal so much more....but are they only dreams?

My Review: I am going to start by saying that this is not like any book I have read before. It is so not the typical story about a witch that ends up in a love triangle left to choose who she will be with only to end up in whatever mess. I am absolutely surprised and very happy. A Witches Dream World had me all but begging to know what was going to happen next. Each page held something new and exciting. As Elizabeth finds out the truth that has been hidden from her all of her life. Learning you are a witch and that your family is one of the strongest line of witches and on top of all that she learns her father has been alive the whole time while she was growing up and oh by the way, you also have a twin brother. Wow talk about teenage melt down! Then there is the cherry on top of this wonderful sunday She has to learn to use her powers correctly or she could destroy herself and all that she loves. There were some love interests but nothing to over bearing or out of control.  I am so glad I read this book. Cheryllynn Dyess has written a phenomenal story that took me completely by surprise and has me waiting on the edge of my seat waiting for what she will write next! 

Cheryllynn's vivid imagination comes through in all she does in life. Her writing started in junior high and although she never truly shared her work until recently she kept them hidden away in an old tattered orange folder. Original works she wrote from 1984 still holding ink on the pages are now being shared. Science Fiction and Fantasy are her favorite genres with mystery and thrillers in close running.
Born in Northwest Florida and raised in Southeast Georgia she gained a love for nature and the outdoors. After almost twenty years in the healthcare industry and obtaining her Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration/Healthcare Information Systems she has returned to her love of writing. Currently living in Central Texas with two of her four children, she has begun a new chapter in life that has opened her heart and soul to many great adventures. Her dreams are to one day return to her native homes and settle in for life with her kids and all her family and to continue writing.

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Breathing in the fresh air from the water, a light mist is rising from the surface allowing the air to cool even more as the sun sets further.  My cloak warms me, although I have pulled the hood down to my shoulders so I can take in more of the scene. I sit cross-legged with the cloak lying over and around me where only a sliver of my front is visible, my long red hair hanging almost touching the rock beneath me. I close my eyes and begin to meditate, chant, and rejuvenate my own spirit. There is a man off to the side watching me. I look at him and he smiles at me.             “Who are you?”             “I am your Grandfather. I am here to journey with you through our history and teach you many great things.”             “What is your name, Grandfather? Where are we?”             “Charles. This is the world I knew many, many years ago. This is the place you live now. Virginia was chosen for its natural beauty and power.”             “Why did I talk about spirits needing me? What is this dream?”

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