Friday, March 28, 2014

Your Darkness Review & Giveaway

About the book: A collection of poetry that will tug at the heart and then empower. These poems take you on a journey through heart ache and pain then lead you into finding one's own strength within.

My Review: Your Darkness is an emotional book of poetry that will draw you into a dark world of heart break to the light of inner strength. Being able to overcome the hurt and anger to become empowered and finding your inner peace was so gratifying to read. I liked that through her words M.K. Hensley brought you as the reader some very strong emotion with an even stronger outlook on the future.


What others are saying:
“Your Darkness” is a beautifully written collection of poems and sonnets by new and upcoming author M.K. Hensley. Her words tore through me and I could feel the hurt with every word she penned, the loss of what she thought was love through every letter she wrote down. The author has quite a flair to inspire in her words. This assemblage of poems is well written and tore at my heart strings. But in doing so it also showed me that the poems traveled through a route of getting back to a life of healing and gaining ones independence in our lives.
Diana of Diana's Lagniappe
“It is my pleasure to recommend this stunning collection of heart-wrenching emotion and ultimate survivorship by debut author MK Hensley.  In just a few short sentences, Hensley takes us on a roller coaster ride into the depths of darkness, and just when you believe there will be no escape, shines hope through her words.  I experienced the rawness with every breath.  Definitely a recommended read you won’t be able to put down!”
Tammy McCann
“M.K. Hensley takes you on a dark journey of pain and suffering to healing and stepping into the light. It’s inspiring to think of someone going through this kind of pain and then having the courage to not only come out on top, but to put it on paper and share with others. I was captivated from the first sentence to the last word.”
Susan McCray

About the author: Born and raised in the south, M.K. Hensley learned how to express herself. Even if it was just on paper. She grew up surrounded by loving family and friends that supported her creative side. She was always the "quiet type" growing up. She would rather spend her time in a book and school work. That passion for reading and writing carried over into her adulthood. Still a quiet, but she has learned she can expresses herself better in writing where her words can flow freely without hesitation.

Note from the Author: I never knew writing these would help me let go and truly move forward.  Had I known, I would have written them long before now.  I have learned that keeping things locked inside only hurts you.  Let it out. Tell someone. If not, nothing will change.  I also learned that you have to let people in, even when you are scared.  You might just end up surprised.  I hope my words can help someone else find their strength to get thru their own struggles. ~M.K.

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