Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding Fey Review

Title: Finding Fey
Author: C.L. Collar
Genre: Fantasy/ Fairy Tales
Pages: 108

The Blurb:Let’s take a trip into the Land of Enchantment where everything is magical and always unpredictable. The Land of Fey has both intrigued and inspired humans since the beginning of time. Finding Fey brings you a new breed of fairy tale. One that reintroduces you to old myths and legends in a family friendly way. These stories and poems are meant to be read, remembered and shared for the pure enjoyment of Finding Fey. So let us begin. Look into the twilight at the end of day and find the lighted pathway into the Land of Fey.

My Review:  This book is a magical array of beautifully written short stories and poems. Although the stories were short they had such a mystical and a fantasy vibe about them that seems to grab your attention and wants you to fall into each one. Finding Fey will make any ones love of faeries just grow deeper. I would love it if C. L. Collar were to write more stories like Finding Fey it was a totally wonderful way to walk through the dimension of faeries!

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