Friday, February 14, 2014

Conklin's Foundation Blog Tour

Title: Conklin's Foundation
Author: Brooke Page
Genre: Romance/ mystery
Pages: 350

Becca finally found her courage and faced her tormentors head on to get what she deserved: respect and Tyler Conklin.  Becca’s faith in Tyler is solid, but is he willing to completely open up to her?  They both have past baggage, and as Becca says, Tyler’s is particularly old.
With everything they have been through, Becca and Tyler know that secrets get them nowhere.  They have made great leaps and bounds in their relationship, but Becca can’t help but feel he is still keeping something from her.  Between the local detective snooping around and asking questions at the Conklin building and Tyler’s evasive answers, Becca remains skeptical about his excuses.  The detective seems more interested in Tyler’s father’s “projects”, but Tyler’s hands seem to be in the pot as well.

Unfortunately, Tyler’s past comes back in his face along with his shady business.  Will Becca hold true to her new found confidence and claim what’s hers… including Tyler?

My Review: Conklin's Foundation is not a stand alone book you must read Conklin's Blueprints first or this will not make sense to you at all. This being book two in the trilogy picks up right where book one left off. Making sure in my opinion that all questions are answered. As I read further into the story I was proud of Becca for standing up for herself and not backing down like she had in the past she lost a few people who she really thought were important to her I say if they were truly your friends or truly cared about you they would have no reason to turn and walk away. Tyler discovers a few problems and secrets about the family business that doesn't sit well with RJ Tyler's father. RJ gives off an almost stalker type vibe I think he's conniving, sneaky, and a jerk that needs to pull his head out of his rump! All things will be dealt with in good time. As Tyler and Becca's relationship takes on a new level and heats up an old "friend" of Tyler's enters the picture and the battle does wage.  
Conklin's foundation is a book full of twists and turns lies and deceit and love. Following the trail through this story is interesting and even a little fun to. I enjoyed the book and I think Brooke Page has done a terrific job of writing it.  I hope to see the last book of the trilogy soon so we might now how it all goes down who will still be standing and does Becca finally win Tyler's heart.   4/5

Brooke Page:
                Brooke Page is a newly Independent author of Conklin’s Blueprints.  She and her husband live with their two children in the suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  When she is not writing or spending time with her beloved family, she enjoys using the pottery wheel and reading.  For more projects and insights on upcoming books and events, please visit Brooke Page on Facebook (, and follow her on Twitter, (BrookePage05).  Brooke Page would also love to hear from you via her email address if you have any questions or comments about her books,

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