Friday, August 23, 2013

Evan Elemental

Title: Evan Elemental
Series- Evan Elemental Book # 1
By-Crystal Groszek
Publication Date- May 3, 2013

Genre- Paranormal Fiction/Romance

Orphaned at seventeen, Evan O’Fion has a choice: let her loss define her or rise above it and become more than she ever believed she was capable of. The problem? Giving in to the darkness that calls her is just too easy. Add in to the mix the ability to control the elements and travel across space and time, and Evan is pretty sure she’s going to lose it completely. Giving in would be a relief, but Evan is beginning to realize that there are people counting on her and that the mystery of her past is the key to it all.
As Evan struggles to put her party-girl ways behind her, she must learn to control her new abilities and face the fact that everything she thought she knew about herself was a lie. On top of it all, she has to face a new town, new home, new school, and a sexy dangerous guy…or two.

Dealing has never been Evan’s strong suit. How she’s going to handle it all and come out alive, she has no idea, but she’s stronger than ever and she’s not going down without a fight.

My Review: Amazing! I was completely submerged into this story. I felt as though something had me tied to it. Evan Elemental is sensational. This story lacked for nothing as far as I am concerned. Every character seemed real and held enough mystery around them to keep you guessing and wondering about their true nature. The scenes from this book were painted perfectly in my mind that anymore description would have been over kill. I am so taken by this book that I want to read it again just to go back and pick up on the things I may have missed the first time. All I will tell you is this Crysta Groszek has written an A+ winner of a story. I will for sure be watching for more books by her as I am confident that Evan's story is no where near finished I believe it has only just begun! 

About the Author-

Crystal Groszek is the author Evan Elemental, the first book in a new paranormal romance series. Crystal began thinking about and plotting Evan Elemental while attending Utica College where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She currently lives in upstate New York with her fiancé, Patrick, and her lovably insane puppy, Lenni.


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