Thursday, November 6, 2014

Drawing Down the Moon Blog Tour

Title: Drawing Down the Moon
Author: Steven Lee Climer  
Genre: YA Horror/Dark Fantasy
Expected Release Date: Nov. 4, 2014

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A group of misfits learn how to conjure an ancient dark evil that gives them the power to be judge, jury, and executioner.

Ronan and her friends unlock the secrets of delivering vengeance on their tormentors with an ancient artifact found in Ronan's mom's mail. However, it goes beyond petty high school teasing and the trio begins doling out horrific punishments.

When it goes too far and Ronan wants out, Lyda, the charming new student, gets in her way. Ronan must break Lyda's hold on her friends before they become the monsters hunting each other. 

Tag Line: Because Every Teen Wants Revenge

My Review:
 I truly loved the premise of this book. I did enter it a bit sceptical I will say has I have yet to find a book that truly scared me while reading it. Now make no mistake Drawing Down the Moon may not leave you screaming and jumping at things that go bump in the night it will however leave you wondering if you had this kind of power would you let it get out of hand. It plays mind games with you daring you to answer the question when is to much to much and how far is over the line? As Ronan and her group start out innocently enough it quickly takes a wrong turn and soon people are paying for crimes that don't deserve the punishment they receive. That's when Ronan decides things have gone to far and are out of hand she wants out and she wants her friends to go with her. Is Lyda's hold to tight and how will she make them pay for leaving. Though I did not have nightmares from this story it did leave me with a spine tingling chill think about how far one would go with this power. 
I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more by Steven Climer.

Author Bio:
Steven Lee Climer lives in Metropolitan Detroit with his partner.  He is an avid amateur bodybuilder, gardener, and all-around handyman.  He has sold the motion picture rights of his novel Demonesque to After Dark Productions, and is the recipient of several honors including the Darrell Award, Eppie for Best Horror Novel 2000, and 1997 finalist for Best First Novel from the International Horror Guild.

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