Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Princess of Sparta Review

Title: The Princess of Sparta
Author: Aria Cunningham
Genre: Historical/Romance
Pages: 302

Blurb: Helen of Troy, arguably the most infamous woman in ancient history, was not the seductress of Homer s poems. Her humble story began as a Princess of Sparta; honorable, loyal, with promise to become a powerful queen. Her lauded beauty was more curse than blessing, inciting lust and jealousy in the greedy kings who would make her their prize. Given in marriage to Menelaus of Mycenae, an abusive husband who neither wants nor needs her, she clings to a prophecy made to her about a great destiny, and even greater love.

That destiny awaits her in Paris, a noble prince of Troy, whose reputation for fairness and fortitude precedes him as an Ambassador. Unjustly cursed at birth by a dark omen claiming he will cause the destruction of Troy, Paris is a haunted figure. This omen overshadows his good deeds, making him an object of ridicule amongst the Trojan nobility, and compelling his own mother to try to kill him as a babe. He is a man who has never known love.

Until the day the Fates intervene and Paris travels to Mycenae as an Ambassador of Troy. He meets Helen, and the two souls linked by common destiny and purpose are reunited. Their love becomes legend, provoking the greatest war of ancient history, shaking the foundations of the world, and paving the way for the rise of Greece and Rome.

My Review: I was unsure about reading this book at first as we always have our own ideas or notions about historical readings as we have read about them before and or know how the story goes or do we. Aria Cunningham may have just taken every preconceived notion I had about The Princess of Sparta and thrown it out the window! I loved her retelling of Helen of Troy Aria made me fall in love with this story all over again. It truly is one of my favorites in history. Helen is written beautifully and once she gets past all that has gone wrong for her and how unfairly she has been treated she begins to come into her true beauty. Then there is Paris and all I can say is he is one fine specimen of a man! I can see why he had women falling at his feet! These two together made such a wonderful romance come alive for me. I am hooked on this story and all the beauty it possess. Each scene is so picturesque leaving me to see the magic as it unfolds. I am in love with The Princess of Sparta and look forward to reading what Aria Cunningham has next.

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