Saturday, September 6, 2014

Alice's Insurrection Blog Tour

Title: Alice’s Insurrection (Alice Clark, 3)
Author: Andrea DiGiglio
Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy

Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

(Third and final installment of the Alice Clark Series.) Alice returns home in ruins but remains the strongest one of her Fallen family. With Cole at her side, they prepare for one final battle as the world they live in begins to crumble. As her abilities grow, determined to save the Fallen, Nephilim and all of mankind. Alice stands against God, Rogziel and all those who dare to hurt her family. To save everyone she must decide to choose to fulfill a destiny set in motion many years ago. Even if it kills her.

My Review: The Alice Clark Series was an awesome series to read. I enjoyed every minute of it. As I plunged deeper and deeper wanting to know more about all of the characters and what had brought them to this point was exciting and fascinating. When I reached Alice's Insurrection I had learned so much about the Fallen and Nephilim that I was just in awe of it all. I absolutely loved the characters they had found a place in my heart and seeing anything happen to them was gut wrenching. As Alice got closer to confronting God himself I found myself wondering would he listen and be the god we all grew up knowing loving, kind, compassionate or would he be the complete opposite and dismiss Alice with out even hearing her out. I was just taken with this the last of the Alice Clark series and though I am sad that the series is done I loved how the book ended. I believe this is one series worth the price and a second or third reading.

Author Bio:
Born and raised in Michigan, Andrea has always been a writer at heart. She currently resides in Michigan with her son, "her world". Over the last decade she has written, starred and directed in many screenplays. In the last few years she decided to return to writing novels and hasn't looked back since, giving her work my full attention. "I am very excited to share the worlds I create, with all of you dreamers."


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