Monday, April 7, 2014

The Seer Book Tour & Giveaway

Title:  The Seer
Author:  Ariel MacArran
Publisher:  Here Be Dragons
Publication Date:  February 19, 2014
Genre:  Science Fiction Romance 18+
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Discovery means death but Arissa risks everything to save Fleet officer Jolar's life. Repaying this telepath means saving her from execution and Jolar strikes a bargain that will spare her life. In return, Arissa must join him on a dangerous mission and use her telepathic abilities to help him uncover hidden forces that threaten the Tellaran Realm. 

Jolar will do whatever it takes to clear his life debt to Arissa.  The only thing he absolutely cannot let himself do is fall in love with her . . .

Note:  The Seer is a stand-alone novel but it takes place in a universe (The Tellaran Realm) where one already published book (Stardancer) takes place.

My Review: This was the first time of reading any thing by Ariel MacArran and I was completely surprised by the story. It was not at all what I expected it to be. Arissa is a seer or telepath who for years was hidden away until her parent die and then she is left all alone in a world she has only observed from a distance. As difficult as it is for Arissa to remain unseen she takes a huge risk and saves Fleet Officer Jolar's life even though it may mean losing hers. reading this story being told by both Arissa and Jolar's POV's is awesome being able to read how each of them view the world and the situations they end up in is so wonderful. I so enjoyed picturing the Tellaran Realm and watching Arissa grow into a strong independent woman who can hold her own. As I dive in deeper into this story the plot thickens and Jolar and Arissa find themselves falling in love only that could spell disaster for both of them and could jeopardize both of their lives.  The Seer has so much action and adventure that will twist and turn you on a path wondering where you will be next. I am still getting over my book hangover from this story. I couldn't put it down The Seer is everything you would want in a Sci-Fi romance and so very much more. 

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About the Author

Ariel MacArran has loved books and writing since childhood. Growing up in New York City, her first self-published works (at 5) were made with construction paper and yarn and featured original stories and illustrations by the author. She holds a degree in English and a Masters in Counseling. Ariel lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her family.

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