Monday, September 9, 2013

Indie Credible Tour Stop Featuring Mike Hartner

Hey Today I have the pleasure of taking part in Indie Credible event featuring Indie author Mike Hartner. I have decided to give you a look see into Mike's book I Walter and give you a little back round about Mike himself. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Here is a link to some more Indie Credible author events

Meet author Mike Hartner

    Mike Hartner (1965-) was born in Florida and lives in British Columbia with his family.   He is a husband, father, geek (ret.), educator, and patriot. His interests include: Skiing, surfing, scuba diving, writing, soccer, and cheerleading his son's teams.
    Genealogy led him to writing, and writing led him to  I, Walter. I, Walter is the first in a series of books that will end in present day. 

I also had the pleasure of reading his book I, Walter and would like to share that with you to give all of you a little taste of Mike and his creation.

Title: I, Walter
Author: Mike Hartner
Genre: Romance / Historical Fiction
Pages: 224

Book Synopsis: 

Walter Crofter was born into Elizabethan England. In a country and a time where favor and politics were both deadly, can an honest boy stay true to himself? Especially given his family background? I, Walter is the first in a series of books in a saga which will span continents and time to arrive in present day North America. Each in the series will be connected, though that connection may not be obvious for several more books. It's almost like looking at a menorah (sic).. Many lines, seemingly individual, connect to center at different points.

My Review: This story begins being narrated By Walter Crofter a 67 year old who had Malaria in 16th century England. The narration is beautifully done it will have you laughing and maybe even a tear or will be shed. 
I felt as though I was walking the streets and living in this story. Every possible sense that my body has was in high definition while reading I, Walter. From the cobblestone streets to the salty sea air every detail  was one magical journey through the portal of another time and place making you feel as though you never want to leave. This story literally comes to life on the pages and with each turn of the page you are drawn in deeper making your experience more life like.
Mike Hartner does an amazingly wonderful job in creating a beautifully creative written story that will most definitely wanting more. As I clutch the book to my chest felling as though I have been transported through a magnificent journey I desperately hope there is more to come from this series that will move me as much as I, Walter has!  

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