Tuesday, April 23, 2013

News from Tammy

Ok so as you all can see I have not been posting very often. I have been going through some health problems and have not felt like posting much. There are going to be some up and coming changes to my blog due to my health issues. I will still be doing reviews but I will no longer be giving time limits it will be as I can and am able to get to them. My health comes first. I have to work on getting myself better or I will be of no use to any of you and i truly love being a reviewer. I don't want to become so over whelmed with my health issues and reviewing that I give up reviewing. So I have to step back a little bit and hope you all will and can understand. I will let all authors know via email when I have posted a review. If you are not comfortable with my new policy then please leave me a message and i will remove your book from my list and delete it from my documents folder. Please be assured that I under no circumstances share or give away your files with anyone. The ARC's I receive remain with me and are NEVER shared with any one else! With that being said I will do my best do keep the reviews coming please be patient.
Thank you,

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